With the turn of the year 2020, the coronavirus disease has become a global pandemic. Every country has announced lock-down procedures to protect its people. As of April 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) tallied more than two million people infected with the disease around the world, with hundreds of thousands of death caused by it. As the rate of infection shows no signs of slowing down, countries have no choice but to tell their citizens to stay indoors through letters and announcements. Help spread awareness using our COVID-19 Letter Templates. These templates are editable, ready-made, and helps you write letters faster. Spread awareness against the invisible enemy today.

How to Write COVID-19 Letters?

As the thousands of medical personnel battle COVID-19 every day, the cases of infected people are still on the rise. Though the death rate might have slowed down a bit, the number of people becoming infected is still on the rise. So far, the best defense against this pandemic is staying indoors. That is why writing business letters have helped in the continued facilitation of businesses. Here are a few things to consider when writing COVID-19 letters.

1. Your Letter Should Have a Heading

Being able to do business amidst this global pandemic can go a long way. It helps our doctors provide treatment for their patients because they can be well supplied with necessities. You can start with your letters heading. Place the heading in the upper left corner of the message. The letter should include the name and address of the recipient, as well as the date written.

2. Address the Community with Salutations

In these trying times, a simple greeting can prove to be very motivational. Though salutations are a mere formality and part of the format, a friendly letter can serve as a giver of courage in these challenging times. So greet and address the community with encouragement.

3. Issue the Advice in the Body of the Letter

Nurse, doctors, and laboratory technicians are working hard to keep peopel safe, and business owners can do their part by making sure that business goes as usual and supplies are delivered. This is the message that you would want your body of the letter to contain. The aim is to keep businesses going despite the lock-down procedure.

4. Reiterate the Advice Before You Conclude

At your letter's end, we would like you to reiterate the things that you have agreed with the person you are doing business with. You can use a Checklist to act as a reminder of the things that you have agreed on. You can cite news reports in case there is a need for updates in the community.

5. Check for Grammatical and Spelling Errors in Your Letter

You will want to avoid miscommunication when delivering your message. So as a safety procedure, you must recheck your letter and try to find mistakes.

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