Relieving Letter Templates

Make Sure You Acknowledge an Employee's Resignation by Issuing a Relieving Letter using’s Free Printable Relieving Letter Templates. Choose from Professional Template Documents Online with a Ready-made Subject, Employee Details, Company Details, Conduct, Resignation Date, Statement of Appreciation, Full Name, Title, and Signature that You Can Edit to Your Company’s Specifications.See more

Free Relieving Letter Template, Printable, Download or Share via Email lets you streamline your office processes with our free printable relieving letter templates. Get template samples in simple or formal layouts with fillable original content that you can edit to your required specifications using our editor tool. Create professional relieving letters with resignation and experience details you can include for the benefit of the resigning employee, teacher, or accountant. Use your letter in restaurants, schools, or pharmaceutical companies. Download your free template for printing or sharing via email.

Edit Relieving Letter Online for Free and Download

Edit your relieving letter template example online to include details such as a notice period, salary, or acceptance details to help complete the process and help the employee in his next job application. With multiple templates for different positions, make your relieving letter for a resigning corporate manager, team leader, internship applicant, or HR manager. All templates are downloadable for free in PDF file format.


  • Is a relieving letter mandatory?

      A relieving letter is not really mandatory. However, if you want to resign from your job, you may want to request it if your company doesn't give you. This letter is going to benefit you when you apply for another job because it's your proof that you have no obligations in your previous work.

  • Why do companies ask for a relieving letter?

      Companies ask for relieving letters from their candidates to make sure that they are free from responsibilities in their previous companies. These letters would also show that the employees left the companies without problems.

  • What is the difference between an experience letter and a relieving letter?

      An experience letter and a relieving letter are quite the same. The only difference between them is the time of issuing it. You can receive an experience letter while you're still working in the company. On the opposite, you can only get the relieving letter on the day you leave the company.

  • Is your salary mentioned in your experience letter?

      It depends on the company. If a company wants to mention it, it's okay. It's also important to note that some companies want the relieving letter or experience letter to mention the salary.

  • How long does it take to get a relieving letter?

      You should have your relieving letter on the day that you leave the company. This will show that your manager approved your resignation.