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Free Acquisition Letter Template, Printable, Download lets you obtain a ready-made, professional acquisition letter from our dozens of free printable acquisition letter template samples for purchasing additional assets for your business. Choose from template examples with original content in simple layout that you can fill or edit to your specifications using our editor tool. Use them for talent acquisitions, business intents, and company mergers. You can also download proposal letter templates for an acquisition specialist to handle your business acquisitions.

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Choose a fitting acquisition letter from our template library for making a letter of intent, small business merger, announcement, acceptance, request, welcoming a new customer, initial bank deposit, new property, new vendor recommendation, letter of executive of real estate, or letter to employees of acquired property.  All template examples are editable online and downloadable for free in PDF or PNG file format.


  • How long does acquiring a company take?

      Acquiring a company or even a simple merger takes years to complete, according to Investopedia. The shortest time for a merger to complete is six months. 

  • What happens when two companies merge?

      A new company is formed when two companies decide to merge. Employees from either two companies welcome each other and start to work together. 

  • What usually happens to employees after the merger?

      There are always big changes that come with company mergers. If your company merges with another one, they can lay off employees who perform the same job. This is one of the ways to reduce company expenses. There's also a big chance that the remaining employees may get a new boss. Tasks may be minimized or added depending on the new workflow and processes. 

  • How do you communicate an acquisition or merger to your employees?

      These are some of the things that you can do when announcing a merger:

      1. Communicate to your employees
      2. Remind them of how important they are
      3. Keep them focused
      4. Expect big changes and a shift in management
      5. Be honest in giving the reason for the merger

  • What are the benefits of a company acquisition?

      When one company acquires another, productivity increases while the expenses decrease. It's good for the new company and its employees.