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What is an Award Letter?

According to Investopedia, award letters are to tell students or the awardees the level of support the college or university can offer to them for providing pride to the institution. Details such as work-study eligibility, available financial, aid including grants, loans, and scholarships, also fall under award types. Moreover, award letters can also pertain to simple employee recognition for a job well done. The correspondence contains the amount or type of award an employee receives as a compliment.

How to Write an Award Letter?

An award letter brings a ton of positivity in your business, institution, and management. However, writing an effective one can be tricky. You can worry less though as we are giving some tips here on how to write an award letter.

1. Choose the Title

Let your recipient feel a rush of adrenaline by stating in the letter regarding their achievement. You may also add a document number for a more organized database.

2. Name of the Recipient

Imagine how happy your recipients become when they see their names printed on the letter. That is why you have to acknowledge the awardees with their name formally and include the department where they belong in school or work.

3. State the Reason of Award

You can’t just give awards to anyone. There has to be a reason why they deserve some recognition. That is why it is a must that you include the reasons why this person deserves the award.

4. Be Transparent with the Award

Satisfy the recipient’s excitement. State the award whether it’s in a form of cash, ticket, or gift certificate. By doing so, you avoid confusion and the awardee will clearly know what awaits him/her.

5. Include CEO Signature

Let your CEO sign the award letter if possible. This will inspire and motivate the recipient because it not only shows executives' acknowledgment but also appreciates the employee’s achievements.

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