Reschedule Letter Templates

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How to Write a Reschedule Letter?

A reschedule letter is a simple letter that notifies someone to reschedule an appointment, surgery, interview, meeting, or others.

According to a Forbes post, the way people utilize time is going to determine their success. As you can see, time is one of the most important things everyone owns. That's why a lot of people plan and schedule interviews or appointments because it's one of the ways they can take advantage of time. But, in reality, some people can't stick to the schedule because of some other important events. If that ever happens to you, always remember to notify the other party. You can do that by sending a reschedule letter. 

The tips below are going to help you write one.

1. Apologize 

In writing the letter, you have to consider the other party. Always apologize for the cancellation of the appointment or meeting with the other person, like writing an apology letter

2. Explain the Reason

Always have a good reason why you can't attend. Explain why you can't come honestly in your printable letter. This way, your recipient will understand. 

3. Suggest Another Date

In the business letter, you also have to suggest another date for the appointment or meeting. Or you can make the other party choose another time for it, for his or her convenience.

4. Ask for Response or Confirmation

To make sure that the person received your formal letter, you have to ask for a response from him or her. Request the person if he or she can confirm to come or not.

5. Use Formal Tone

If your recipient is a business to partner, physician, doctor, patient, boss, or co-workers, it's good to use a formal tone because this shows respect. If you're close to the person, you can use a more casual tone in the sample letter.


  • Is it unprofessional to reschedule an interview?

      No, unless your reason is valid. Sometimes, you just have something more important to do than the interview. All you need to do is to tell the interviewer why as soon as possible.

  • Is it bad to reschedule an interview twice?

      To be honest, there are circumstances when you need to really reschedule an interview. But sometimes, the other party might think that you're just not interested. So, if you really need to reschedule twice, it's vital to process if it's really worth it.

  • Is it okay to reschedule an interview if you are sick?

      No one knows when you're about to get sick. What's worse, you have to attend an interview. To answer the question, yes, it's okay to reschedule an interview when you're sick. So, you can call the interviewer and tell him or her that you're ill and can't come.

  • How can I reschedule my date?

      You can call the person or see him or her face-to-face and say why you're rescheduling the date. Don't reschedule at the last minute unless it's an emergency. Tell the person as early as possible to show your consideration.

  • How do you respond to a rescheduled interview?

      You can email the person and tell him or her that you understand. Say to the person that you are available anytime, or you are available on the rescheduled date. Don't forget to be polite and show that you're eager to attend the next interview.