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How to Create an Immigration Letter?

An immigration letter is a document that a person provides to an individual's immigration application to support their claims and acts as a reference of good moral character, which may impact their whole immigration process big time. Most of the time, people who write these are either family members, friends, employers, or relatives of the applicants.

One of the best ways that everyone agrees to have that application approval is to create an excellent immigration reference letter. So, if you desire to create one for a friend or family, we provided steps below that will surely help you create an exceptional document.

1. Talk with the Person

Before you start writing your immigration letter, you should talk with the person you are referring to, first. As the saying goes "you cannot give what you don't have." So make sure that you have adequate information about the person before you start writing about them. If possible, you should write these details in your notebook or journal.

2. Write an Excellent Intro

After finishing your interview, you can start writing the letter. What you should take note of first is the introduction. Make sure that you have proper data when it comes to the recipient, as well as to customize the information and salutations section. Take note that you are writing to strangers in position (director, manager, etc.), so if possible, make your tone and style a bit formal.

3. Highlight the Applicant's Strengths

With a substantial introduction ready, you can start writing the body of the letter. You should highlight the qualities of the person. If you can make sure that it is interesting enough, but never lie, imagine giving them an idea of "living in hardship" when they grew up in a wealthy family. It will end in a disaster. So make sure that you write the notes thoroughly.

4. Conclude with a Recommendation

Lastly, make use of the last portion of the letter to provide a recommendation. Create a sense of acquaintanceship with the receiver but not too much to include your marriage life in it—just write it thoroughly and with a heart. Make use of this chance, as well, to ensure that you don't have any loose ends, especially if you are writing for a family member. If you are writing this for employment, make sure that you introduce your business well.

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