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Submit a Bank Letter for Your Required Purpose by Using’s Free Printable Bank Letter Templates. Choose Online from Professional Documents with Pre-written Subjects, Bank Letterheads, Names of Your Banks, Addresses, Cities or Countries, and Dates that You Can Edit to Your Specifications. See more

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Get different kinds of ready-made free printable bank letter template samples with simple, fillable original content that you can edit to your required specifications using our document editor tool. Choose from professionally-written template examples of bank account letters, various letters to bank, loan approval letters, bank references, or employment verification letters. All are downloadable for free and printable or shareable digitally via email. 

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Edit your chosen bank letter template online to meet your requirements by using our document editor tool to replace highlighted parts or the content with your own business specifications. Download different kinds of bank letter examples for employment, account reference or verification, formal transfer request, official indemnity, business loan, salary request, or client confirmation. All templates are downloadable for free in PDF file format.


  • What are the types of letters?

      1. Formal letter.
      2. Informal letter.
      3. Semi-formal letter.
  • What should you include in a formal letter?

      1. Date of writing the letter.
      2. Your complete street address.
      3. Full name of the recipient.
      4. Main body of the letter divided into sections.
      5. Your name, signature, and contact information.
  • How long should a formal letter be?

      Ideally, formal letters should only cover one page of the paper. However, the whole page should not be fully occupied, there should still be white space. In terms of wordcount, your letter should only be between 200 and 400 words.

  • What is the average net interest margin of US banks?

      According to Statista, the average net interest margin from 1995 to 2019 is 3.35%.

  • What is the top bank in terms of worldwide assets?

      According to the website, SmartAsset, JP Morgan-Chase is the largest bank in the US and the 6th in the whole world with $2.4 trillion in assets.