Reminder Letter Templates

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If you run an organization that offers installment services or loans, sending out reminder letters is critical for the fear of putting off a client. That is why we offer our wide variety of professionally made Reminder Letter Templates that you can download for free. These files are ready-made and can be edited and customized within minutes. Print-ready, perfect for commercial as well as personal use, they can save your time and effort. These files can also be shared digitally. Customize them in any versions of Microsoft Word (.doc), and Google Docs. Subscribe now to start downloading!

A letter of reminder is normally sent out when payments are overdue. Whether it be payments for a house or a car, these are a form of a friendly letter that tells you, you still owe money and it needs to be collected as soon as possible. A reminder letter is sent out within a few days of the payments exceeding the due date that is reported in the payment terms. Follow the steps below to write a Reminder Letter:

  • When writing your letter, always remember to be polite when reminding them about their unsettled payments.

  • The tone of the letter should remain professional and formal, but with each reminder, assertiveness should be increased while stressing the urgency of the message.

  • In every letter of reminder, make sure to add in as many details as you can, like the date, time, place, deadlines, etc.

  • If you haven't received the amount yet, in the final reminder letter recall the previous attempts that were made to communicate with the addressee. Warn her or him that further actions may be taken if payments aren’t made. 

  • While composing it, start with adding the details of the asset on which the addressed is charged. Tell him or her about the date of payment or give a timeline of payment within which it must be done. Also, add your name and signature at the end to authenticate the letter. Keep the message language simple and easily communicable. 

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