Not all grant applications are approved by the funders. Some are rejected, and some are luckily accepted. It all depends on how you convince and appeal to them. To have a high chance of getting your grant approved, sending a support letter is the key. If you are stressed for the grant application process itself, then you will find our easily editable Support Letter Template beneficial. Choose the template you need, download In Microsoft Word(.Doc), Pages(Mac), or Google Docs and customize. What are you waiting for? Download one now!

How to Write a Support Letter?

A support letter is needed during the grant application process. It is used to provide support to the credibility of the applicant. The letter contains the credentials and the reason why the applicant is deserving of the grant. The main goal of a support letter is to convince the funding authorities to support and fund the grant. According to Funding for Good, the success rate of submitting a grant application to new funders are up to 30–40%. This means that new funders are meticulous when it comes to granting applications, and you must send a support letter to solidify your application. Writing a support letter must be persuasive and convincing so that the funding entities will approve your grant. It must lay out all the points of benefits that both parties can acquire. It can be overbearing to write a support letter most especially if you still doubt your grant Application, but there's no need to worry because we can give you tips on how to compose an effective support letter.

1. Keep It Short

The longer your letter will be, the more your funder will grow bored. They might not read it further if they see how long your letter is. As much as possible, keep it to only one page. Only write the necessary details and Leave the minor details for later. You must make your funder eager to contact you to talk further about your project. Short and concise is the main key to a successful support letter.

2. Make It Easy to Read

If possible, break your Simple letter into short paragraphs. When the funder sees only two or three long paragraphs, they might pile your letter for later. Break your long paragraph into short ones to have some white spaces left for your letter. This style will make your letter appealing to the eyes and easy to read. Long paragraphs are not visually appealing and will irritate the reader.

3. Include Personal Touches

It will touch the hearts of your funder if your Sample Letter has some personalized part of it. You can handwrite the greetings or the salutation of your letter. Doing this will only convince your funder that you are sincere for the grant. Even though they say that the encoded support letter is more formal, but it is always good to be different. Connect with your funder by providing them with a personalized letter only for them to see.

4. State Your Purpose

In this part, you must be able to state why you need the Donation. Make sure that the purpose is not the same as the purpose you have written in your grant letter. The purpose of your support letter should make them understand more why you are doing this mission trip or project.

5. Explain Your Need

You must explain furtherly as to why you need financial assistance, Sponsorship, or professional help. You must appeal to them and convince them to support you for your request. To make your support letter more effective, it will be better if you set a deadline. This is because funders tend to forget the level of urgency for every request they received. Doing so will make them take note when to provide support.

6. Lay Out Benefits

Avoid only stating the things you will get if they approved your Request. You must also state the benefits they will receive once they assist in the funding. This will make them more convinced to accept your request once they find out that they can also benefit from your project.

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