Statista reports that return deliveries will increase to $550 billion by 2020 in the USA. Usually, one of the common reasons for this is because businesses deliver the wrong items. So, as a business, it's essential to be cautious. But it's not only companies that need to be careful, but the customers, too. Sometimes, you might order the wrong goods, which can be an inconvenience to you and the supplier. So you need order letters to help you get the orders right. So, select from our collection of ready-made Order Letter Templates. These are 100% editable and professionally written. Download a template now!

What Is an Order Letter?

An order letter contains details about a customer's order from a supplier. This simple letter can be both ways: it can be from a business or a buyer, depending on the content. Order letters are essential because they guide the suppliers about the exact orders of their clients and vice versa.

How to Make an Order Letter

Write a good formal letter to a supplier or a client with the tips below.

1. State the Purpose

Your recipient should know what your intent is in the first few lines of your letter. Your printable letter can be about order cancellation, confirmation, or placement. Make sure that it has clear information to avoid problems.

2. Be Formal

Since you're writing to a customer or a supplier, it's part of your job to use formal language. Formality is essential in business letters because it's a reflection of the sender.

You can use informal language if you're close to the recipient. But since you're establishing a professional relationship through purchase, keep the language formal.

3. Get the Details Right

Details like order due date, office address, and other essential information should be present in the sample letter. Remember, you need to make sure that every detail is right, or else there'll be a problem in the transaction.

4. Keep It Short

Don't make your order letter long. Use clear and concise sentences to shorten the word count. Delivering short messages convey messages quickly.

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