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What is a Bifold Brochure?

When accurately distributed, brochures help you expand your company's visibility to the market. Bifold brochure design as one folding style used commonly includes image-heavy documents and featured graphics. If a trifold brochure lets you disclose lengthy information about your product, bifold grabs attention more than the former since this is wider in form and more readable.

While designing, you might find it hard to decide what information to include and what image to insert. Make sure to not overboard other design elements in your brochure. Printable brochures ( in any style) are costly, but the impact it gives your business' marketing is worth the expense.

How to Make a Compelling Bi-fold Brochure?

A bi-fold brochure is somewhat similar to a magazine layout design that is printed to only one full landscape page. Bifold brochures have disadvantages, but these lapses are still possible to address by making sure they're not outdated. Research as an effective tool is something that you, as a marketer, will not stop doing. The standards of customers are fast-changing, with minimal brochures still making an impact.

Since these brochures involve money and encourage you to present images as needed, surely you don't want your effort to be thrown to a trash bin. Thus, you need to put extra effort into your design. The image quality is a component that you should check before printing your bi-fold brochures. To guide you in evaluating images to include in your modern brochures, we have presented some helpful steps and tips below. Read on.

1. Take Advantage of The Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds is widely known for its built-in "wow" effect to customers. This helps you take attractive pictures that are pleasing to the eye. This style encourages you to choose which part of the photo to focus on. When you include images taken through this style, it's easier for you to attract viewers to look at your commercial brochure.

2. Establish a Sense of Depth

One way to entice viewers of your brochures is to let them feel the inclusion in any image you present. If you own a travel business, this style is appropriate so that it would be easier for you to tempt your customers to view your creative brochures and avail of your travel services.

3. Explore Other Perspectives

An eye-level advertising tool is effective, but when you use images for your bifold brochures, you are not limited to this. You can explore various angles to create new and interesting perspectives that may grab the interest of your customers.

4. Make Use of the Frame

For your customers to easily comprehend what you are presenting in your sample brochures, make your subject dominant from the background. Since bi-fold brochures offer you space to present the images of your products, use it, and show the audience what you're offering.

5. Create your Own Style

If you know the basics of photography and have a good sight of creative image presentation, explore and create your own style. As long as it doesn't badly affect the quality of your bifold brochure, enjoy the freedom to do so.

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