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Make a Sworn Statement in Writing with Help from’s Free Printable Affidavit Letter Templates. Choose Online from Ready-made Professional Documents with Names, Statements of Identities, Statements of Truths and Facts, and Closing Statements. All Templates Include Spaces for Notarized Signatures and are Fully Editable and Printable. See more

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Have a ready-made affidavit for any of your legal business purposes using’s free printable affidavit letter templates. Choose from simple and fillable template examples with original content that you can edit to your requirements using our editor tool. Our template samples include affidavit forms and letters for immigration, marriage, green card applications, and sworn statements for any legal purpose. All our templates are downloadable for free and printable in minutes. 

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Choose from different affidavit letter examples to make your legal statement. Samples include an affidavit made in good faith for financial support of a family member, visa sponsorship, employment and income statement, a formal complaint, witness testimony, and other court affidavits. All templates are fully editable online and downloadable for free in PDF or PNG file format.


  • What is an affidavit letter?

      An affidavit letter serves as a written oath indicating that all statements made in a document are true and correct. They are usually made under oath before a judge, notary public, or any other person with legal authority.

  • What are some examples of affidavits?

      Affidavits are official statements made under oath and may be used for divorce proceedings, property disputes, and debt cases.

  • What is the purpose of an affidavit?

      The affidavit states a person’s full account of events in a numbered paragraph in a document issued by a lawyer, notary public, or other legal officers. This document contains important information that may be presented as evidence in a case.

  • What is perjury?

      Perjury is the crime of telling a lie in court after one is sworn under oath, to tell the truth. A witness, for instance, commits perjury if he lies rather than admit his own or another person’s involvement in a crime.

  • Where do you get an affidavit form?

      If there is no court form available for your needs, you may search templates online or use the local law library. These forms are unofficial, but they may be used if there is no court form specified.